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Monday, 30 November 2015

It came with much convenience to start a blog up just as we're finishing November! Needless to say I won't be missing this month as now I have little to no excuse to start going Christmas crazy! However, besides that, I can now delve into my November favourites and show you what I've been looooving this month!

 You're probably questioning why I have a men's post shave balm in my favourites, but I'm not crazy I promise! Being a lover of beauty gurus on YouTube, I love to try out new tricks, and one of my favourite gurus Tori Sterling (otherwise known as Macup101) recently talked about Nivea Men's post shave balm and how it makes a perfect primer for makeup; the low down being that it contains Glycerine- which is what some SFX artists use to make things put on top of it 'stick'! Needless to say I brought some and definitely have not been let down, I can't go a day without it! It's so moisturising and lightweight and I've noticed a bunch how my makeup stays in place all day. And there's nothing wrong with smelling like a guy in the morning right? ;)

 My next favourite is a scarf from New Look,if I'm totally honest this purchase was one from today! But I've been wearing it since, even right now as I'm in bed typing this. It is basically a blanket. No kidding. It's more of a 'last day of November' favourite, but I guarantee it's gonna be making a comeback next month. And probably the month after. Actually probably into half way next year because in the UK, more specifically Cornwall- a scarf is always acceptable, and necessary. Not to mention I nabbed it in the sales for £6.50 instead of £12.99. Shhh.

Moving into scents and smellies, I've been in loveeee with the vanilla body mist from Bodyshop, reason one being that it smells delicious! Every time I use this in college in between lectures my teachers will come in and comment on the luscious scent! *Queue me just sitting smug in my seat knowing that it's me, and I smell gooooood* I've always loved the mists from Bodyshop because they last forever and they smell exactly of what the title of the scent is, no artificial yack or overpowering headacheyness! Another love of mine has been Zoella's Let's Spritz fragranced body mist; this her second fragrance in her line and it is definitely my favourite, it's fruity and sweet and leaves such a nice subtle smell after a few hours of wear! I'm not great at describing perfumes, but I'm sure anyone who has tried this will agree with me! Overall it is super wearable any day and I'd totally wear it before going out in the evening too! My last smelly fave is the Gingerbread shower gel from NSpa... it's 25 days till Christmas, need I say more?

Moving onto the makeup favourites, I've been in a long term relationship with my Naked 3 Palette ever since my boyfriend brought it for my birthday in April last year. Needless to say it still hasn't let me down and is lasting SO well! I've hit the pan on a few shades but that's bound to happen! Every colour featured is beautiful and so pigmented and the shade 'trick' is going to be perfect for December.

 My next two beauty faves are both eyeshadow's again, one being NYC Individual eyes palette for brown eyes, and the other being Maybelline New York Hypercosmos. I find pinks,golds and purples always go well with my eye colour so as you can tell I stick to these shades. The NYC palette is a must for when I am going out for the night and I don't want to lug something bigger around, it has four gorgeous shades as well as a highlight and a primer for the shadows. The Hypercosmos is an eyeshadow duo with a gold and purple shade, the colours are a little more intense and create a really lush smokey eye more appropriate for the evening!

Moving on.. (I feel as if I'm waffling but what the heck!) my top mascara at the moment is definitely Maybellines Lash Sensational, it's been the hype among a lot of people at the moment and I'm not afraid to join them! I have naturally long eyelashes and I find it difficult to find a mascara that doesn't clump them or make them look tangled with each other (it's gross), but this mascara separates them, lengthens them even more and add's volume!

For lips I've started using darker colours and bringing out the plum and wine shades, I've never been super fond of lipsticks and have always preferred balms and stains although I can never find one which is very pigmented with colour. I decided to seek out a pencil and came across the Maybelline New York colour drama lip pencils and I was drawn to the shade 310 Berry Much - it is a gorgeeeoussss colour perfect for Winter and it is surprisingly super soft and velvet like on my lips, as well as lasting for a good few hours without topping up! I tend to put a clear balm over the top as well just to make sure it looks sooooper smooth. Definitely recommend to anyone who isn't so keen on lipsticks!

My last lil favourite is my special pot of joy, the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. ( I'm in the shade Dark Brown ) after long deliberations on whether I wanted to treat by brows to £15 worth of product, I totally went for it as next to all reviews I had read and watched on the Pomade were positive! I am not disappointed in the least, this product is literally my holy grail. I can make my brows look from au natural to works of art if need be, its super easy to use and work with and lasts all day, probably longer if you wanted. It's so pigmented also, and I mean when I say a little goes a long way! (Trust me,made that mistake when first trying it out). 

That's it for all my favourites this month! Super long post for my first one, but hey ho! Hope you enjoyed, leave comments below if you enjoyed reading!

Chloe W


  1. Your tip about the post shave balm is something I totally have to try out! Also, that scarf is so cute, I wish I had one, but finding a moderately cheap one in The States can be hard. Thanks for checking out my blog, I'll definitely be reading yours! :)

  2. Hiya! Thankyou for reading! Yeah it's an unusual trick but it's so good! That's a shame, I'm sure you'll find one soon enough though, especially as it's pretty much winter now :) although I doubt it's as cold over there as in the UK?!;) no problem, will be reading yours also :) Xx

  3. The NYC pallette is also a favorite of mine lol! Your blog is super cool! i'm new to this so i've been going through and looking at other really cool teen blogs trying to get ideas and stuff... You should totally check it out and tell me what you think!



  6. The NYC pallette is also a favorite of mine lol! Your blog is super cool! i'm new to this so i've been going through and looking at other really cool teen blogs trying to get ideas and stuff... You should totally check it out and tell me what you think!


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