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Monday, 30 November 2015

Heeeeey again!

Why I think that the internet is important....
In this coming age the internet is the biggest resource tool, it has changed the way we live in society and how us as humans interact with one another. The internet has become a way of interaction that isn't face to face. It really baffles me when people ask "But why would you use the internet everyday?" for me without the internet I wouldn't have known things that I do today, learning about the internet is interesting and the way that it works to bring everyone together is truly amazing!

The internet has given us great lengths of communication, I can talk to my family who live in Spain I can send them a message and without a doubt it'll be there simultaneously I can also have all my friends in one place on a social profile like Facebook, they are there at a click of a button it's as easy as that - by all means go outside and meet your friends and hang out go for coffee or go for a road trip but sometimes it's just that easy to ask "How are you doing" to a friend over the internet.

The internet has changed the world we live in today

The internet has become a staple to this days society and will influence us for the rest of our lives, it's such a huge thing with so much information stored daily, it's like a library but for the WHOLE world.
As an avid user of the internet and it's tools I am always thinking what it would be like if the internet was turned off for one whole day and how it would impact us all, it would be quite strange not to be able to just quickly check Twitter or see what people are posting on Instagram - it would be odd after so many years of just religiously checking every single day.

The internet to me is very important and I couldn't imagine our world without it, I remember when I used to use my Nan's old dial up computer and how it would take forever to load one webpage and look at us now with fibre optic broadband and fast speed broadband so much has changed with technology and we are quickly advancing into bigger and better things! I mean who thought that people who post videos online would be famous like Zoella and PewDiePie  I mean it's crazy to think just everyday people are now internet celebs to people who watch them online?

I hear people saying they don't agree that people from Youtube should be earning what they do, but I think that it's fair I watch more Youtube than I do actual television is that bad? No it isn't its just the same, I mean some youtubers have more watchers than an actual television programme which is even more crazy. It's amazing to think that the internet is kind of taking over some other things!

I know I've been rambling but hopefully some people can understand that the internet isn't necessarily a bad thing...

Chloe M 

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  1. I love this post and I think you are completely right! I especially dislike when people (especially older people) put down the internet and social media when it can actually be a really great source for not just information, but also communication, social change and activism! Not to mention that it is SO entertaining!

    Noire Beau

    1. Thank you for taking the your time to come and read our blog!
      Yes it can be very annoying, I hate having to explain the importance to elders about the internet! Yes I agree with you on that one too!
      Chloe M


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