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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

So I thought Id post some of the items I got for Christmas onto the blog! { as Chloe W said: disclaimer!!! in no way am I trying to show off if it comes across like that, I am so so grateful for the gifts I have been given! }

Zoella - Some of the Collection

Zoella - Candy Cream Softening Body Lotion
Zoella - Foam Sweet Foam Cleansing Shower Gel

Zoella - Lets Spritz Body Fragrance

Moving onto Jack Wills Items...

Jack Wills - Mug 'Boots Collection'
Jack Wills - 'Boots Collection'
Jack Wills - Body Mists (they smell SO damn good!)

Starbucks - Chocolate Coin Mug 'Boots Collection'

Habitat - Hare Cushion (My new fave on my bed)

I am pretty pleased with the items I received and I never really ask for much! I did get other items but these are the items I thought I would share on the blog!! There should be numerous pictures on my next post about NYE!!!

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