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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Soooooo today I thought I might blog on old music like old favourites of mine from when I was younger and not so 'great' music. Chart music is always my go to if I don't know what the heck to listen to which is most of the time when I'm not listening to Mallory Knox or The 1975... (you may hate either which is okay because my music taste isn't grand.)

America - RazorLight / JCB - Nizlopi (2006)
Well I couldn't decide which was the best of 2006 so I've picked America and JCB only because I loved both! They we're good songs from when I was younger (10) wow that's 9 years ago! But yes they we're both good songs - currently re-listening on Spotify to remember the songs.

I predict a riot - Kaiser Chiefs  (2005)
This song for me brings back so many memories of when I used to listen to music with my Dad. Me and Dad really loved this song I think I used to dance around mentally when ever this came on the radio, I used to loooooove screaming at the top of my voice 'I PREDICT A RIOT' (that's the thrill of the song and I was around 9)

Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani (2004)
Now don't get me started on Gwen my lord I was obsessed with her! I had her harajuku girls perfume (remember when that was around?) I had Gwen Stefanis album and my Nan put it on my little Mp3 player I used to have and I would blare the songs out of headphones driving everyone insane and I could also get away with saying the word 'shit' because I could blame the song for containing such word.

MisFit - Amy Studt (2003)
SO this song was like one of the weirdest songs I remember from my childhood - but so so so catchy! If you remember this comment below 'anything you can do, I can do better' this song just reminded me of the snobby girls at school (i think that was the idea of the song) but this song was just over the radio all the time!

Alive (or any amazing song by them) - S Club 7 (2002)
Alive wasn't one of the most amazing songs I had heard throughout my childhood by S Club but I absolutely loved all the other songs they made, I had every single CD they had! Mum's friend used to get me the next copy of there latest CD all the time. Mum also bought me their magazine and I remember wearing the purple glittery scarf everywhere that came in the magazine (I think I thought I was Rachel Stevens)

Little L - Jamiroquai (2001)
Soooooo, you'd maybe say I was a bit too young to remember this song but I tell you being brought up by a family who loved Jamiroquai and owned like 3 albums I'd say I am able to recall this song and the entirety of it's lyrics, not to mention I attended Radio 1's Big Sunday in Leicester when I was 5 and stood right next to the speakers and watched Jamiroquai prance around the stage ( I only remember this slightly) have a read of this old BBC page of what actually went down.

 Sweet like Chocolate - Shanks and Bigfoot (2000)
Now if this wasn't your childhood then what the heck was it? I mean this song was the bomb I remember my dad finding the old single version of this song and I fell in love with it and certainly insisted on playing it every single day! Vivid memories of the Cadburys vans in Leicester blaring it out as they drove around the city (or was that just a dream?) Wow, massive throwback.

Basically I listened to such a range of music growing up but I really hope you enjoy reading this post and I hope some of you can relate to the music I have shared from my younger years!!!

- Chloe M

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