Meeting Foley and wintery walks! + week update.. Chloe W ♡

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Was very much planning to do another blog post shortly after the last, but I'm pretty sure that was about a week ago now! So a quick update in a few images is what I plan to post today!

Starting with the best news, I passed my Theory test today! (victory dances).

Besides that, I've been some what busy/some what procrastinating throughout the week, trying to get stuck in to a Photography brief on my course, my motivation has been running exceedingly low recently but passing my test today has given me a little boost you could say!

After this morning, I met my friend and she introduced me to her sisters adorable little Terrier puppy, Foley! Here are a few pictures of him that I have taken, not sure if the pictures do quite enough justice compared to the new found love I have with him!

Tomorrow evening I'm off to a meal for my Boyfriend's brothers birthday, so possibly another picture related update could come, I've ordered a scorcher of a meal so it should be picture worthy. Not even ashamed, I am most definitely that person who Instagram's everything they eat.

Anyway, that's all from me for this post! Off to go watch some of Zoella's vlogmas' whist treating to myself to a coffee, fresh bread and guacamole! Hope you enjoyed the photos, let me know what you'd like to see next! 
Chloe w

P.s - Does anyone good with photo editing or photoshop know how I can get similar effects to the VSCO cam phone app on my computer when editing? thanks!

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