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Monday, 25 January 2016

Sooo as you have probably noticed by now I haven't posted in quite a long time! Chloe W has been taking over our blog with her awesome posts she always has something great to write about, whereas I never really do!

WANDERLUST SERIES: Part one of the travel bucket list! - CW ♡

Hi yyyy'aaaalll! I love being project free in college, a whole weekend knowing I don't have any work to do is pureeee bliss! And I'm technically still free for another two weeks before my Final Major Project, so am hoping to get a few cheeky blog posts up. Yep I said cheeky. Sorry not sorry.

My everday makeup routine! .. Chloe W ♡

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

I'm back! After about a week! I did want to post sooner but have been up to my ears in college work as I have a deadline on Friday eeek! I'm pretty caught up with it all now though, and really fancied writing a blog post, I find it super therapeutic and rewarding!! I'm bringing you my 'everyday' makeup look which I have been doing pretty much the same for the last two weeks, hope you enjoy it, be sure to leave a comment about ANYTHING! or if you've used any of the products! In a very chatty mood recently!

Why I'm NOT Going To University... Chloe W ♡

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Ever since I was I introduced to the idea of 'University' I've always been adamant that I don't want to go. It was something that I felt that was an unnecessary elongation of education, why would I want to add another 3 years of extra education on top of a load of years I've already done? Boring!

Goals + Ideas for 2016... Chloe M ✨

Monday, 11 January 2016

I never thought I'd say it but I've bought a journal and I am now writing little entries everyday such as to do lists, inspiration for my uni course, goals for 2016, changes for 2016 and blog post ideas!!

Since 2016 has started I've taken a lot of time with this blog as has Chloe W, most of the time we come up with ideas on our own and let one another know what we are going to change - me being the one who set up the blog so it works and for Chloe W picking colours and adding her little creative touches along the way!

Near the beginning of 2015 I started my own blog on my own 'bloggingwithchloe' which has since been taken down as I wanted to start a joint blog (and who better to start one with than Chloe W) after many months of deciding whether we would actually stick it out here we are and here I am writing yet another blog post - when I should be doing my YouTube presentation for university.
Me and Chloe W being both creative types and YouTube obsessed we have many conversations about our blog and YouTubers as that's one the main things we have in common - I'm so happy to say that me and Chloe W became friends at the beginning of 2015 and have since been very close friends ever since.

University or not to University... Chloe M ✨

Thursday, 7 January 2016

University - one of the biggest leaps of your life 

University is one of the biggest leaps of your life especially for the ones of us who move away from home and start a fresh with new people and in a new city or town... most of my friends have gone to university and are living away from home while I'm studying at university, but chose to stay close to home (which is probably the best choice I did make, I'm such a wimp for not leaving!)

16 Things To Change in 2016...Chloe W ♡

Amongst the sea of 2016 posts (i'm sure there are many), it's hard to think of something interesting to post about it being a New Year. I suppose I don't have to post about it, or talk about how I am going to miraculously become a new person, but I honestly feel so determined for this year to be one of the good uns'.

Photography & College update.. Something different! Chloe W ♡

Monday, 4 January 2016

As you might already know if you've read our about pages, I study a photography and snapping away with a camera is one of my favourite past times! Currently I am doing an interesting project about narratives and creating 'stories' with pictures, it may not appeal to many readers but I really wanted to share some of the pictures I have taken with you!

They are all of the same model, my younger brother- I wanted my images to be about youth and the many emotions you encounter as you grow up. I had a bit too much fun playing with water colours on top of the images which looks a bit funky but naturally I liked the final outcome!

New year, new haul? ... Chloe W ♡

Sunday, 3 January 2016

New year, new me? Not quite, but I did treat myself to some little things in the sales! The duration from Christmas to New year is literally the perfect time of year to go on guilt free spending sprees, I found I could've brought tonnes more than I did but I resisted!

2015 - New Year's Eve + Christmas Shenanigans... Chloe M ✨

Saturday, 2 January 2016

SOO, I hope everyone has had a good new year and enjoyed the last evening of 2015 it's crazy to think that we are already into the second day (by the time this has posted third day) of 2016!!

It's mad to think that it's already 2016 the last year went so fast and I expect this one to go as fast! - The Christmas holidays have been absolutely super, I got to see all my friends who have come home from university to spend Christmas with there families and to see friends not to mention that we've nearly all gone out drinking everyday before and after Christmas (which for me is weird, as I used to hate nights out) but it's be great spending time with them and getting to see them before we all go our separate ways again and they go back to university until their reading weeks which is sad D:

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