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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Amongst the sea of 2016 posts (i'm sure there are many), it's hard to think of something interesting to post about it being a New Year. I suppose I don't have to post about it, or talk about how I am going to miraculously become a new person, but I honestly feel so determined for this year to be one of the good uns'.

It's somewhat refreshing to know that we are given a new year, it's a fresh start, blatantly it's not like we have a new life or identity and our past disappears, but I find it's the closest thing to it. We can make these new and often absurd resolutions to ourselves which we probably will carry out for a meek month before slipping back into old habits (if you're anything like me), or we can stick to making small promises to ourselves which are easy to carry out, and also satisfying once routine.

Last years resolutions for me were typically to get fit, have abs by summer, stop eating chocolate and cut out all unhealthy food. Naturally none of these happened, and I feel it is because they are too straight forward of goals, I seemed to put more pressure on myself by trying to stick to them- and in the end it just led me to sinking back into my usual self and feeling guilty whilst I delve into my duvet and Netflix marathons accompanied by a tonne of junk food.

I've read a few articles recently on things to do to improve this and that in 2016, and it inspired me to come up with the realest list of things I can do for myself this year to make my idea of great.

DRINK MORE WATER - Easy right? I know I can set myself this goal and achieve it, I got a super cute Pug tumbler cup for Christmas also, so that motivates me a smidgen. 5 days into January and I have been drinking about 5-6 cups a day and I feel so much more awake and fresh, not to mention my skin looks so much better! I find that it also stops me snacking so much, most of the time I'm actually thirsty rather than hungry!

SLEEP LESS - If there is anything such as too much sleep, I pretty much should be the ambassador for it. I'm talking 9pm till 10-12pm the next day. I had a two week break for Christmas and although satisfying it was to not be waking up each day till lunchtime, I had already wasted half of the day and felt more sluggish than ever! By the time I had got up and actually ready, it was gone 4 and already going dark - meaning me sneaking back into my pj's! I want to ease back into 8 hours of a sleep a night only, with maybe the odd lie in on a Sunday. *insert smug emoji*

STOP AVOIDING THINGS THAT MAKE ME ANXIOUS - I have an extremely bad habit of avoiding class discussions, presentations and anything where I have to talk in front of people or open to any kind of embarrassment. In college it also becomes super easy to skip a lecture and not be questioned so much about it, but in the end when I do have to face what I originally skipped- I'm more anxious than ever! And then when it's done, I'm like 'Oh hey, that wasn't so bad!' I need to remind myself of that feeling and face things head on, and not wimp out!

CARE LESS OF WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK - I'm a big worrier when it comes to what people think of me, it relates to the previous point also, stuffing up whilst talking in front of people? Everyone will laugh at me and judge. False! Everyone stuffs up sometimes, I know if someone else did, I wouldn't think anything of it! This year I want to do what I want to do, this blog for instance, I want to be able to post it on social media and share it without worrying of others judgement! I feel like towards the end of last year, I was just getting bored with all the worry, and so this year I am determined to care a little less! Obviously not to the extent where I am a careless rebel. Unlikely, ever.

STOP TRYING TO BE A PEOPLE PLEASER - I can't please everyone, it's never going to happen! If I want to go shopping with my Mum over going with a friend, I just have to be straight about it, and not feel so bad! Apologise maybe, but not feel guilty for the rest of the day. Unless you go shopping with your Mum and your friend, that could probably resolve it. But that's besides my point;)

AVOID THE WORD 'SHOULD' - "I should lose weight" "I should probably do my work", where am I going to get with the word should?!!

SAY 'NO' MORE WITHOUT FEELING BAD - If you don't feel like going out tonight, it's okay to say no. You can go out another time, don't force yourself to do something you don't want to. With the exception of an awesome opportunity you're holding back on! And don't let anyone make you feel bad for saying no to something, if they do, tell them to back off!

COMPLAIN LESS UNLESS IT IS SARCASM OR I FEEL IT'S GOING TO BENEFIT ME (Get lots of RT's on twitter) - If I had a pound for every time I complained, I wouldn't be making this list of resolutions, I'd probably be lounging on a beach with some ridiculously priced cocktails. Just kidding, but for real, I complain SO MUCH, there is no benefit from it either, if there is something to complain about, I need to change that thing and not moan about it!

STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE DOING WITHOUT YOU - So, you couldn't get to a party as you had no way of getting there or you were sick. Stop stalking everyone's profiles who DID go and feeling sorry for yourself and left out, maybe get the gossip from a friend, but don't regret not going for weeks afterwards when everyone's talking about it, you can't change it now so there really is no point. (This is something I need to remind myself a lot!)

READ A POSITIVE QUOTE EVERY DAY - Log onto Weheartit, follow someone who posts a lot of cute quotes on Instagram. Something or other, maybe print some for wall prints! Even if they lift your mood for a moment, it's better than nothing. Reading some when you are down makes you feel so much more positive (in my experience!).

EXERCISE MORE BUT DON'T FRET AND STRESS IF I DON'T - Don't get me wrong, I want to get fit, but I don't want to feel crappy if I don't. Sometimes a Netflix marathon and a binge on my Christmas chocolate is okay. I've been doing loads of fun workouts on Youtube every night when I can, I can't see myself joining a gym, and there's like 0 close to me, so this is such a good way to get fitter.

VISIT NEW PLACES - I doubt I'm going to get to visit different countries soon, but I'm not going to rule it out! I'm tossing between going to University or not at the moment, so if not I'm determined to work my ass off this year, get a nice wad of cash and off I go! I also want to find new places around my environment at the moment, Cornwall's small, but I'm sure there are many hidden and lovely locations I haven't seen!

WRITE MORE - I used to write a tonne when I was younger, stories, descriptions you name it. I don't want to go writing a full blown book now don't get me wrong, but things like more blog posts and things like that! It's fun, and somewhat therapeutic- even if I have 1001 other things to do!

READ MORE - I've had so little time to read any books for a good year or two, it's a shame really! In the Christmas holidays I managed to storm through two books in a series, and half way through the final one - as soon as I started college again I replaced my reading in the evening to going on social media, something I need to stop! The books I were reading are these! The first one is free on kindle at the moment if you have one, I was hooked and brought the other two! Fab if you like romance with a twist!

PHOTOGRAPH MORE OUTSIDE OF MY COURSE - Studying a subject you have a passion for can be difficult, and suck the fun out of it, I don't want photography to feel like a chore for me! It's the same with a lot of subjects, I just need to find a balance between shooting photographs for projects in college, and shooting for fun, and because I feel like it! It sickens me to think that doing something you love full time can become 'too much effort'!

SMILE, LAUGH! - So maybe 16 resolutions was a bit of a push, I'm struggling here. But I think more than everything I want to have a fun, smiley year! Full of laughs and other ramblings!

What are your resolutions and goals this year? Let me know in the comments! I'm off now, I'm going to do some long exposure star trail photographs, despite needing to complete University portfolio's,a CV, actual college work... But that's my decision, I'm doing what I want to do! (Promise that wasn't a subtle complaint about all the work I have to do)..

Thanks for reading lovelies!

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