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Monday, 11 January 2016

I never thought I'd say it but I've bought a journal and I am now writing little entries everyday such as to do lists, inspiration for my uni course, goals for 2016, changes for 2016 and blog post ideas!!

Since 2016 has started I've taken a lot of time with this blog as has Chloe W, most of the time we come up with ideas on our own and let one another know what we are going to change - me being the one who set up the blog so it works and for Chloe W picking colours and adding her little creative touches along the way!

Near the beginning of 2015 I started my own blog on my own 'bloggingwithchloe' which has since been taken down as I wanted to start a joint blog (and who better to start one with than Chloe W) after many months of deciding whether we would actually stick it out here we are and here I am writing yet another blog post - when I should be doing my YouTube presentation for university.
Me and Chloe W being both creative types and YouTube obsessed we have many conversations about our blog and YouTubers as that's one the main things we have in common - I'm so happy to say that me and Chloe W became friends at the beginning of 2015 and have since been very close friends ever since.

Another big deal has been joining the 'TheGirlGang' initially Chloe Ws doing after she followed and added there logo into our lower bar at the bottom of the blog! The Girl Gang is now a huuuuge deal to us both and I am so proud to say we are both apart of it now - theres SOOOO many good bloggers out there and this has brought them closer for us to see!!

Initially I thought i would start this blog post with my 2016 goals/ideas from my journal so I will start those now so you know what I am going to start or try and do while in the year 2016! 

1. Take more time with the blog - meet Chloe W more to do joint blog posts and take photos and videos together to create creative content for both the blog and our YouTube channel. 

2. Don't give up - always try to do the best you can (I know it's very cliche!) if you can't do something keep trying until you succeed: much like parallel parking (I suck at it SOO much)

3. Spend more time with the people YOU love - spend time with family and friends and create memories together, explore and live the adventure.

4. Be more involved with family things, visit family more in Leicester - make more time to visit Dad who lives up the hill from me yet I don't ever go there! Just spend more time with the people who care about you!!

5. Do more uni work - I say this all the time even when I was doing GCSES and A Levels, spend more time doing uni work then you can spend even more time afterwards dossing around. 'Worlds best procrastinator since year 10'. 

6. Don't be a full time bitch - take a day off and try and stop my resting bitch face as currently it doesn't help many situations.

7. LAUGH MORE - don't ever be unhappy, I know you have to be unhappy sometimes but ALWAYS smile!

8. Broaden my music taste - don't just stick to the same old garbage you listen to 24/7 try a different genre of music, because other music is better than the music you currently listen too.

9. Travel to my friends universities - STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE

10. Drive on the dual carriageway more - even if it is SO daunting. It's scary but I'd much rather drive 70MPH than bloody 30MPH like we do in our town!!

11. Try not to post everything on social media - nobody wants to know everything you do, even if you do think it's amazing - nobody needs to know your life story (except the ones who read your blog).

12. SAVE MORE - if you want to travel to Australia and America your going to need much more money to be able to do that.

13. Take more photos and videos, create fabulous memories and create a scrapbook of your year both digitally and in a book!

14. Buy a disposable camera once in a while!

These are just my ideas and things I want to try and do and try to stick to! Let me know what your trying to do this year!

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