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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

I'm back! After about a week! I did want to post sooner but have been up to my ears in college work as I have a deadline on Friday eeek! I'm pretty caught up with it all now though, and really fancied writing a blog post, I find it super therapeutic and rewarding!! I'm bringing you my 'everyday' makeup look which I have been doing pretty much the same for the last two weeks, hope you enjoy it, be sure to leave a comment about ANYTHING! or if you've used any of the products! In a very chatty mood recently!

For the base of my makeup, I use Nivea Men sensitive post shave balm, I believe this cheeky tip came from beauty guru NikkieTutorials, however I found it via Tori Sterling! The product contains glycerine, which helps your makeup stick and last really well throughout the day.

I then use a Clean & Clear moisturiser with SPF15, this generally helps keep my spots at bay and makes my skin suuuuuper soft! For foundation, I've recently been using a BB cream - this is Loreal Paris' B.B Cream White Perfect, this is such a good BB cream! My skin has been pretty clear at the moment, so this is the best substitute for foundation just to give some even coverage and colour! I switch between this and the Maybelline dream satin finish foundation. Or use both, if I'm feeling that spontaneous.

For concealer I use the Instant Anti- Age eraser by Maybelline - this is a super good concealer for under the eyes and general highlighting, it doesn't feel too heavy either! Plus anti-age is a bonus right? Better early than late?! I blend everything using my Real Techniques Beauty Blender.

For setting all that funkiness, there's a few powders I alternate between, Maybelline Super Stay 24h is a favourite of mine, but can be quite heavy and has a lot of colour (better for when I want to go out, or swimming/beach!), so often I'll use a sheer loose powder - my go to one is by Collection. Another I use is also by Collection, which is just the set powder which is in the shade Ivory; this one has the least colour so literally just sets what's already there! I really want to venture out and try new powders, but I never know what to get! Collection is super cheap and easy to keep buying as I know it does the job!

For brows I simply use my holy grail - Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in the shade Dark Brown.

My personal favourite part of doing my makeup!! The eyeshadows!! I've been obsessed with the Naked Smoky palette at the moment! I take a really fluffy brush and use the shade 'Thirteen' all of the lid and up to my brow bone, then use the same brush and concentrate 'Combust' more in the crease.

Next I take a smaller but still fluffy brush, and take the shade 'Whiskey' and blend this into the outer crease of my eye and a little bit on the outer part of my lid. (If that makes sense, next makeup post I'll take pictures of myself actually demonstrating).

I use the brush that came with the palette and use the smaller end to put a bit of 'Whiskey' on the bottom of my eye just under the lash line, and blend blend bleeeend!

I spray the same end of that brush with a little bit of fixing spray, and use the shade 'High' on the middle and inner corner of my eyelid - then go over the middle of my eyelid with 'Dirty Sweet' just so there's a nice transition from the inner part of my eyelid to the outer!

At this point I usually go back over the crease with the brown shade in the palette just to define it all and give it some oooomph.

Side note: If anyone has this palette - have you noticed how pigmented the 'Dirty Sweet' shade is compared to 'High'? I end up just using Dirty sweet some days because it shows up much better, even with a fix spray!

6) For mascara and eyeliner, I always do winged eyeliner - at the moment with the Matte Master Ink by Maybelline, then finish of with a few coats of mascara - Maybelline's Lash Sensational then the Thick & Fast by Soap and Glory!

Now for contour,bronzer,blush and highlight! Makeup Revolution all the way! I use their contour/bronzing palette to chisel some somewhat cheekbones into my very round face, then warm my face up with Bourjous Bronzing powder, and then dust a little bit of blush from my cheeks and up above the contour.

To make my face as glowy as a freaking moon on a dark night - I use Makeup Revolution Vivid Light highlight (can't remember the shade, just the whitest one!) and highlight, everywhere. Nose, cheekbones, forehead, brow bone, cupids bow, you name it. There's probably some highlight on it.

Zoella's Kissy Missy Lip Balm, is hands down, my favourite colour lip balm EVER! It's so so cute, with a little bit of the lip plumping lipgloss from Soap and Glory, it's a done deal.

I use this fixing spray to set everything ( I have no idea what brand this is, I know that it was inexpensive though! ) and just a clear brow mascara from a Collection set. After that, I think I'm pretty much all ready to go!

Hope you enjoyed this post!! Might end up doing a chatty post in a bit also - let me know what you want to see!

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