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Sunday, 3 January 2016

New year, new me? Not quite, but I did treat myself to some little things in the sales! The duration from Christmas to New year is literally the perfect time of year to go on guilt free spending sprees, I found I could've brought tonnes more than I did but I resisted!

I first went to Topshop, where I purchased a new Skinnydip purse and phone case! They are super cute and as my previous purse was literally falling to bits, I grabbed this at £7.50! The phone case was also only £6. I'm actually regretting not buying another I saw in there as they are absolute steals seen as they are usually around £20!

Clothes wise, it was super busy which made it difficult to squeeze in between other sale grabbing girly's, but luckily I grabbed a tonne of things and had to queue up for the changing rooms! I came out with a gorgeous floral t-shirt with a little lace open front! This was £10.

I decided to go to Superdrug as I was in desperate need of a new concealer (sadly not in the sale) I went for Maybelline's instant age rewind! This was £7.99, and as a first impression I am super impressed and loving the little sponge application! Actually just used it instead of foundation today and it's stayed on really well!

When walking to the Kiosk to pay, I couldn't help but notice all the sales on makeup sets, I've been a fan of Makeup Revolution because they are so well priced but also really good quality products, and so as soon as I saw a set of two palettes with two brushes for £3.99, they were instantly mine! (after paying for them of course) (yes, 3 freaking 99!). The set contains one blush palette and one highlight, which is super handy as I already have the contour/bronzing one so I have a little collection now eeeee!

The last things I brought were ordered from ASOS, I had a voucher for Christmas and so I found a skirt and new pair of jeans that took my fancy! The jeans are high-waist plain black and ankle grazers. I always find jeans always get really loose around my calf and it's super annoying! (For me personally anyway), and so these stay skinny all the way down and look cute with my black converses all the way too my knee high boots. Click here to see them!

The skirt is a cute mini with pockets (hurrah!!) that has already gone down in price since I ordered them.. sigh. Click here to see! 

That's all from my little haul anyway, hope you enjoyed! Let me know in the comments any bargains you've grabbed in the sales! Possibly going to do a post soon surrounding the 'New Years Resolutions' topic!

Lots of love, Chloe.W!

Also, Happy New Year!

:) X

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