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Monday, 4 January 2016

As you might already know if you've read our about pages, I study a photography and snapping away with a camera is one of my favourite past times! Currently I am doing an interesting project about narratives and creating 'stories' with pictures, it may not appeal to many readers but I really wanted to share some of the pictures I have taken with you!

They are all of the same model, my younger brother- I wanted my images to be about youth and the many emotions you encounter as you grow up. I had a bit too much fun playing with water colours on top of the images which looks a bit funky but naturally I liked the final outcome!

It feels strange not bringing my photography to this blog as I suppose it is a big part of my life, along with my passions for makeup, fashion and watching youtube videos.. Hence why I've decided to do this post, in a way it's my little update to you all on what I've mainly been up to and will be up to for the few weeks.

I've recently been loving using old film cameras to take photographs on, the process is so exciting and you never know quite what the outcome will be, although saying that I am currently saving for a digital camera way wayyyy out of my budget. (Not hard, only have £6 to my name at the moment).  Nevertheless the images below are all taken on 35mm Film!

Me and Chloe are hoping to get down to the beach sometime soon to take some pictures, definitely Zoe and Alfie style seen as they have been in Cornwall for the week (was so so desperate to go find them and say hi, we resisted)! So watch this space for more!

Hope you enjoy my photographs, please leave your feedback and opinions on them, and definitely link your blog below, would love to check some out and follow them! Nothing like a little self promotion in the new year!

Chloe. W


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