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Monday, 25 January 2016

Sooo as you have probably noticed by now I haven't posted in quite a long time! Chloe W has been taking over our blog with her awesome posts she always has something great to write about, whereas I never really do!

The past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic I've been bogged down with university work as my deadline is this Friday for our first semester hand in! So i've been busy writing evaluations, editing and writing about my work - even had to present a presentation about YouTube infront of my class ( I wasn't happy ).  

Me and some of my friends on the course had left late one of our films we needed to make, so we decided to do it all together so we could get it quickly done and we we're actually allowed to make it all together (we're not supposed too). The day began with me being the sound recordist as we wanted to dub the sound over the top to have better quality sound and this was also something we were being tested on - So I had to stand for over 4 hours with a boom mic and every time I kept managing to get the boom pole in shot!

I've also being writing evaluations like a maniac but I just ramble and ramble on these so I have to take my time to ensure they're perfect else I'll get a shit grade which I don't want! I'm SO happy for this part of the semester to be over as we start Television next semester and I'm literally so glad that we are going to be focussing on TV because this is what I really want to do aswell as Radio, media is sooooo broad I don't know what part to focus on.

I've also been lucky enough to have four weeks off work, which I am glad happened as I have been able to fully focus on my work while seeing friends and visiting people, but I just haven't had the mindset to do a blog post which is bad I know - slap my wrist 

Also this weekend was pretty much a nice big disaster as I always end up in really shit situations so I've been discussing life with Chloe W and sorting everything out with the people I've upset and annoyed, because I'm pretty good at upsetting and annoying others - I don't mean to do it it's just me and my shitty personality!

Anyway, I'll make you a playlist of some of the songs I've been absolutely loving this month! |(some new, some old)

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