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Thursday, 7 January 2016

University - one of the biggest leaps of your life 

University is one of the biggest leaps of your life especially for the ones of us who move away from home and start a fresh with new people and in a new city or town... most of my friends have gone to university and are living away from home while I'm studying at university, but chose to stay close to home (which is probably the best choice I did make, I'm such a wimp for not leaving!)

... one of the most stressful parts of the whole process you have to have your personal statement all sorted or in my case get your tutor at college or sixth form to assist you in perfecting it because if not your most likely not going to get any offers - also have good target grades in your lessons (really does help!

If you're not ready to move and live away don't do it you will regret it in the long run, if you can't deal with being on your own and fending for yourself don't do it! I personally believe I wouldn't be able to live alone as much as I always say I'd love to move out of my family home and have my own place I still don't think I'd be very good at living on my own or in a flat full of other people. I'm very good at sitting in my bedroom at night on my laptop listening to Spotify and watching Netflix or other films or sitting around and trying to attempt my uni work (that I should be doing right now) I'm not one for always going out and I am definitely not easily persuaded into it either I am very stubborn...

Although I am currently at University I do wish I saved for another year and went travelling and then went with the idea of University I really do want to explore the world as I've only ever visited Spain with my family to visit family in Spain... I really want to visit America and Australia and see what is there! (my dad would be super jel if i upped and left to Australia - that's his dream!!) If your thinking of travelling over uni JUST DO IT!!

Don't go because all of your friends are going, you need to go for YOURSELF! All my friends used to say 'oh but what are you going to do if you don't go to university' which is a pretty good question so I decided on the Media Moving Image HND because it's something I can do and still have a life while living at home! They all tell me I regret not moving away which yes is pretty true but my loan wouldn't cover anything but living and I don't want to spend my whole entire savings on education... (no thanks!!) University is the leap for yourself don't stress if all your friends are going and your staying in your little hometown - make up for not going by visiting every single friend who's moved away this is a great opportunity to visit new cities and explore embrace your time not in education because I sure would love to go travelling or have the time to visit all my friends!!

If you don't want to go to university find a job!! (yes it's harder in winter) but save save save and you could take yourself on a little adventure or just save for something you've been dying to buy for so long! I've wanted a Macbook Pro since forever and the end of 2014 I was able to buy myself one after debating and wanting from year 7. Just find a job that you can deal with and earn money - be happy and don't choose a job that you know your going to hate.  The best part about me not going away for university is that I still have my job and I know I won't lose it!

It's okay to absolutely hate university, it's okay to leave and be a uni drop out if you want to be! Nobody is going to judge you except from say 'Auntie Karen' who say's 'Well Steven came out with firsts at university and is now doing a Masters'. That doesn't matter you shouldn't let your family dictate what you want to do with your own life! If you hate your course it's okay to move to a different course no one is stopping you.

Just remember there is more to life than university and you don't have to go theres SO many different options and you can do whatever you want (these are my personal opinions).

Chloe M


  1. University is such a big change, picking the right course, the right uni, whether to live out or commute. Making the right decision is important but even if you feel like you make a mistake you could always drop out and decide something else, thats what I did :) xx

    1. I totally agree with you on this one! If you don't want to move away theres normally always an option close by for you to be able to commute :) xx


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