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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Ever since I was I introduced to the idea of 'University' I've always been adamant that I don't want to go. It was something that I felt that was an unnecessary elongation of education, why would I want to add another 3 years of extra education on top of a load of years I've already done? Boring!

This was the kind of attitude I had when I was about 14-15 give or take. When starting college and especially the past year, I've been more educated about university, why people go, and the never ending system of UCAS. A few months ago, I was certain I wanted to go, my boyfriend goes, most of my friends are going, it's the normal thing to do, right? Wrong. I don't want to go if my only reason is that everyone else is going! I will go if I feel I want to, and if I believe it will be beneficial for me.

Being a Photography student, I don't actually have to get a degree to be a photographer. Sure, it sounds good on a CV if you've got one- but to me it's all dependant on the quality of the work someone produces. I understand fully that if you want to be a teacher, or a doctor, a degree is very much necessary. But with me, the only reason University is appealing to me now is more the social side and meeting new people. I've been a constant loop recently between going to Uni or not, do I really want to study Photography for another 3 years? My college course comes to an end in June, and I've already found it very draining, I feel like my passion is being sucked out of me. Having to do presentations in front of people to show my work, having hours of lectures when we're just left to our own devices to 'get on with your project'. It all becomes a little tiring and I find I don't like the atmosphere of it all, I'd much rather do my work at home, popping into college on occasion to meet friends or print final pieces.

I doubt university quite holds the same feel as college does for me, I've been told it's more independent, fun, social etc. But for 3 years? I want to get into the real world, travel, see things I've never seen before, have amazing experiences which I can bring back through photos, videos and blog posts to show others. I don't think I want to be tied down to particular projects with deadlines any longer, I'd much rather be working to my own time, creating things I want to, and having spare time to explore and go on little adventures. Sure, I could wait till after Uni to do these things, but I don't think I can wait. Or even just a gap year, but by the time I've saved up enough money to do what I want to do, my year will be over, or I feel there is a limit on how much I can do, knowing that I will be starting University at the end of it.

I've actually also looked at Online University, but I feel for me it would defeat the object, I don't want to go because I don't want to be tied down to deadlines, yet I want the social going out side - so online wouldn't benefit me that way. However I definitely recommend looking into Online Universities if you're unsure now! It is so handy for somebody who cannot travel easily, or is hesitant about the social side, or even if you just find it easier concentrating at home!

I'm applying to University anyhow, you may have question marks flying around your head now, but I want to keep my options as open as possible. I could even change my mind once I get accepted into some!

Alongside applying, I've got my CV together and sending them off to different jobs I can do over the Summer and the rest of the year to earn money to follow my 'dream'. But, a big step I'm considering, is applying for a Cruise Ship Photography placement, world trips on ships where you photograph the people and events whilst getting free food and visiting all the amazing places? Yes please! However they range from 6-12 months, which is a huge huge commitment.

My main goal at the moment, is to be as happy as I can, and travel the world and bring my camera along the way. I just want to jump feet first into it all, working, earning money, fending for myself, building my confidence and even making money for myself through my photography. I'm aware that maybe this sounds crazy, or it's never going to happen, or I'll meet huge obstacles, but I think that's the fun in it all.

Are you going to University? Leave me some comments! I'd love to know your opinion, or your goals, if you want to go or not, or what you want to do!

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  1. I love this post!(apart from you starting to lose your passion for photography!) It's so nice to see someone who felt the same as me. I felt so out of place when all my friends were excited to go to university. I applied but I just was not looking forward to it. Just like you I was thinking '3 more years of this??' Eventually I made the decision that I wouldn't go. My friends were totally baffled and basically said I'd end up with a rubbish job... but here I am 6 years later and I definitely stick by my decision. I have a great job, I still meet new people and no student loan to pay off! Some people thrive in uni but education is not for everyone, especially if it's having a negative impact on you! I hope everything works out for you. Xx


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