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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Hi y'aaall! Keeping this post short and sweet today because I posted a long rambly one not long ago! If you haven't read it already, shoo and go give it some love.. ^.^ Just kidding, although some advice and comments on it would help me out!

I guiltily had a mini spree today, and even more shamefully some of it was my part giving in to grabbing bags of sweeties.

So, without further a do, the first 3 things that I'll get out the way first - are some Strawberry and Vanilla Twizzlers; I've had Twizzlers before as my boyfriend is obsessed with them, mainly because they're vegetarian, but also because he once went to a diner in Florida where they served jugs of Kool Aid and Twizzlers for straws! My first time trying them, I wasn't that keen to be perfectly honest, found them a bit plain and artificial! However I've just had a nibble on these bad boys and they're definitely a step up from the standard strawberry ones. And WOW, they make great straws.

I also brought some mint and dark chocolate M&M's and some mini crème eggs, because well, I love crème eggs.

I've been after some more nail varnishes for a while recently, I don't show enough love to my nails and I hate them without anything on! I wanted some pale pastel colours in time for spring and couldn't resist when I saw a load of Rimmel's collection all down to £1.98 in Asda! What a steal, so I grabbed 4.

I got the shades (from left to right) Rose Libertine, Go Wild-er-ness, Rain Rain Go Away and Too Cool To Tango.

The next lil beauty bit I brought was the new The Falsies Push Up Drama mascara, I haven't honestly heard a lot about this one yet, apart from seeing it featured in a few hauls from beauty vloggers and bloggers. I'm a big fan of all mascaras really from Maybelline, so had to give it a go. Watch this space for a quick review on it soon!

Plus the packaging is kind of adorable?

The last of the mini makeup splurge lands with this Max Factor lipgloss in the shade Pristine Nude, and Collection's Cream Puff moisturising lip cream, this is something I'm rebuying as I am obsessed with the colour, velvety feel and the SCENT of this! It's super inexpensive, however I went through my last one really quickly as it doesn't last long for me! :( It smells like vanilla cupcakes and loveliness. I've never tried a Max Factor lipgloss before but this looked like it would pair really nicely with the lip cream! We shall see!

I also was really after a decent drugstore primer, but I never know what to go for, let me know any good ones in the comments?! I instead just picked up some more Nivea post shave balm as it's what I know! I finally brought a new phone case online, been meaning to pick up a wallet style one for a super long time because I've got to the stage where I drop my phone at least once a day and don't trust myself and it's not very durable case anymore! Sorry SkinnyDip!

Hope you all enjoyed this mini post! Lot's of love!

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