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Friday, 19 February 2016

So as some of you already know, I decided to stay in Cornwall for my next two years of university although I'm nearly drawing a close to my first year as it finishes in May (craaazy right?) although I have the summer to look forward to right? Which yes is very correct but I'll be working loads with all the great people that work there.

Although next year for university I have to decide whether I want to go away and do the top up to my degree or whether I want to stay at my current university where I live at home and commute or stop my HND part of my degree and join the RAF/Police Force as I've always been torn between Media and RAF/Police Force/Met I know they are such vast differences but it's really hard to decide what I would loooove to do! I might try TV or Radio in media and then further on in my life join the police force! - I'm torn between them!! :(

Half Term 13th - 23rd February 
(I get half term because my uni is in a college!!)

I got my rota for half term on the 12th which I guessed was going to be jam packed and I was exactly right, I've been absolutely working my arse off ever since today is my day off and so was Tuesday and I am so happy to be able to just relax and spend time doing nothing although I should most likely be doing uni work, although I don't really know what I am supposed to be doing other than looking at idents for our next project...

Half Term for me isn't really much of a break as I always am working which I like as it does keep me super busy even if I'd much rather be lounging around in bed or out exploring places, but what can I say I do actually like talking to new people and finding out about peoples holidays to Newquay (whyyy, is it a holiday destination to other brits, i do not understand) I mean yesterday I was talking to a boy and his family about how his son wants to do sports journalism and I told him to go and look at his local football teams and write write ups of them playing and try and get involved with some local newspapers and his family agreed with me, it was interesting to see what other peoples lives were like in a sense, as mines just uni and work at the minute! I think works good too as I am really close with everyone at work so it's pretty sociable as well, I wouldn't be able to work there if there wasn't banter between us all or some sense of friendship, its hard when there isn't that in the work place.

(left to right: me, nathan and amy)

I also got to see my friend Liv and went for a 'sober' night out with her and our other friend Freya, which was pretty good and also went for lunch with Liv and Romani so I did get to meet up with a few friends over the half term which was good as Liv is down from Cardiff University.

(left to right: liv and me)

Also tomorrow for me is pretty cool as I have work but I'm also getting to see my work bestfriend Will and we're going for pizza which seems to be the same thing every time we catch up! Will went off to university in London which is super super cool! He also runs a blog over on Facebook: (I'm a good friend for promoting this!) WingingMyWayThroughUni and he also has a youtube/vlogging channel: Winging My Way Through Vlogs so go and check them out I'm sure he would be grateful if you could all go and have a little look! Also while I'm promoting friends check out Tom's YouTube Channel (he will be adding more soon!): OnTheDelo

So for me half term hasn't been really that exciting for me, what about you guys?? I know Chloe W's has been much more interesting than mine when she doesn't work 11 hours a day like me!! (haha) 

I've always put together a February playlist for you all to enjoy!! - these are some songs i've been loving this month!!

Hope you liked this really short and shitty post :)

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