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Monday, 15 February 2016

As you may or not know from our twitter or my personal twitter, this past weekend was my Boyfriend's Mum's wedding! I was lucky enough to photograph for them, which was equally a nerve wracking but lovely experience, especially as I knew them and the family already and had a lot of support and encouragement! I was much more confident after I brought my new camera as it is a pretty lush piece of equipment and I knew it would help me out a tonne!

The Wedding was set at unusually a place called Bodmin Jail - I know it sounds pretty 'grim', but don't be fooled, despite used to being a jail - the venue was absolutely stunning! I was a little obsessed with the table décor. No shame.

After the ceremony it was outside, annoyingly slightly drizzling, but stopped nobody for photo's on the steps and red carpet! Haven't included too many of these photo's as they're personal! But did add a cheeky one of my boyfriend looking awfully dapper of course. Side note: only problem with yourself being the photographer mean's no snazzy pics of yourself. sigh. Nevertheless you can drool over all the pretty things you can snap pics of.

The evening do was complete with a whole lot of Dad dancing, a very laughable Best Man's speech, games of shots and a hilarious dodgy DJ. 1975's 'Chocolate' stuck on repeat wasn't so bad.

Definitely need to start having a set day for blog posts, hate getting slack! I'm going to do a little update soon on my ever changing thoughts about university - what I'm up to now, and a project that is upcoming about Anxiety and mental illnesses. Let me know if you have any good ideas for future blog posts from us both! Hope you enjoyed this more photo than text post!;)

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