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Monday, 21 March 2016

So as you already know, me and Chloe haven't really been blogging recently! For me, I wanted a break from blogging and I really didn't have any ideas of what I wanted to talk about, which right now I still don't know what I am going to be writing about but we will see what happens anyway.

Last month I spent a lot of time working and reuniting with old friends who I haven't seen in ages, people I hadn't had the chance to see for more than a year or so, I've just spending time with friends and just having more time for myself.

Firstly to hit back on my month of reuniting with people is when Duncan came down to visit, he hadn't visited in over 7 years so I was super excited when I knew he was coming down to see everyone I also got see some of the people in my year who also I haven't seen in forever and used to be close friends of Duncan's.


(me, duncan, charlie, stephen and ben)

This same day I went to visit some of the girls in Falmouth who I hadn't seen since May 2015 when we were doing all of our exams at college, these girls where my rock throughout college and got me through every little bit! I also got to meet one of Millie's friends Zoe which was nice to make a new friend!
(millie, me, jazz, millies mum and zoe)

(zoe, me, millie and jazz)

I went out in Plymouth to with my friend Hannah who was one of the first girls I met when I moved to Cornwall back in 2003, we've always been such good friends even if we barely ever see each other it's nice to know you can have friends like that, who you never see but always somehow stay in contact with, so it was super lovely to be able to go out with her there!

(me and hannah)

3/2 weeks ago I had the chance to finally go out with my university friends from our HND group, the guys Hayden and Mike came to Newquay so we could go out for Holly's Birthday!
(mike, lowenna, hayden, tilly, lydia, holly(with the crown on) and me)

I also this weekend got to see all my friends who buggered off to 'real' universities and it was super nice to just have everyone together and just have a really good night thanks to Romani who threw a party for Beth's birthday at hers! It was a good night from what we all can remember and those of us who made it out.  Happy 19th Beth! Coming to also celebrate at her uni tonight! 

(me and serica)

(ellie, linus and me)

(me, beth and loren)

(me and ellie)

(beth and me)

(top: liv, beth, loren and me, bottom: romani and sophie)

Me, Beth and Serica also did the Camel Trail in Wadebridge for Beth's birthday in the day to give us something to do, it was so lovely to cycle and have a little adventure but it was absolutely freezing would not advise doing it if your not doing it in the sun! 

(serica, beth and me)

As you can tell there is a reoccurring theme of going out here! (whoops) but it's been great just seeing friends and hanging out. Hope everyones have fun doing whatever there doing and have a lovely Easter! 

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