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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Hiya, long time no post! Not sure why even, I've started my FMP for Photography in college and it seems it's been a hectic few weeks of trying to create concepts, plan shoots, have shoots cancelled because of weather and all that amongst working this Easter I haven't had anything to blog about! But I think finding time to do something I love just to relax is important, so here I am with a little blog post on last nights trip to Pendower beach in Cornwall.

I love this beach, it's a real gem, I don't really appreciate Cornwall as much as I should, for all the dull and rainy days it has where the landscape for me stereotypically is farms ,tree's,windy long roads and not a being in sight - there are those sunny evenings walking along a beach which make you fall in love.

For me going to this beach is a real flashback to Summer holidays when I was in year ten and eleven, when I would camp down there with a big group of friends, drinking and having bonfires and then freezing to death in the morning when the sun would disappear and it would be chucking it down with rain as we try to put our tents away hungover. Fun right?! ;)

I'm super excited for doing more posts, I'd like to a do a few weekly small posts of reviewing a beauty product or of that sort, and next Wednesday is my 18th birthday, which I will of course be doing a haul for! Then following that is the 16th April where Chloe M is taking me out into the scary drinking world of Newquay.. I'll stick my snapchat username at the bottom of this post as you'll probably have updates there, and maybe a blog post of what we get up to before & after!

Hope you enjoyed this post!
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