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Monday, 25 April 2016

As you may know if you follow our twitter, it was my birthday on the 13th and for the last two weeks I seem to have just been so busy! Unfortunately that business wasn't even spent working towards my college coursework, instead I've been spending time with family, going out with friends, sorting out my university accommodation and all that malarkey!

So intentionally I did set out to do some work this afternoon after a crappy driving lesson I had at 9am (don't think mornings and driving really add up for me currently), but all I want to do is catch up with Youtube videos and set out a few blog posts ready to be posting soon!

My birthday was super fun and generally really chilled out, I had the day off college and my Grandparents were down so we went shopping in Plymouth where I spent way too much money in Primark and also probably too much in a juice/smoothie bar! In the afternoon my boyfriend came round to join me and my family and until the evening we just chatted, sat in the sun and I took lots of photos! When it came to my evening meal, we went to a little restaurant very local to us and kept it simple with burgers,fish and chips, and mac and cheese for me! Safe to say we were all crazy stuffed!

I was super spoiled with my presents, my parents had already put a lot of money towards my Canon 5D Mark III a couple of months ago so the other gifts I received I was so grateful for. My Grandma got me a lovely little necklace and my Boyfriend brought me a goooorgeous charm bracelet that I am obsessed with! Along with some Spectrum makeup brushes (review coming soon), a Calvin Klein set and lots of bottles of alcohol- I had such a great day and week in general!
I'm going to leave this post with just some cute photos from the day!

Hope you enjoyed this post! New posts coming very soon!

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