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Wednesday, 18 May 2016


As you already probably know I've been studying HND Media Moving Image for the past 9 months and the first year has finally come to an end, I've got all my work to hand in this week and I'm out of there until September when i start my second year (which is more difficult - fabulous) it's been a tedious few months but I've finished everything a week earlier than hand in so that's always great. I finished my semester 1 with good marks so hopefully I finish semester 2 with good marks - hoping for a merit or distinction - that will make me happy!

My favourite part of the project has got be being able to film a reconstruction of BBC Three's Thirteen which was very fun to recreate and also BBC Three tweeted there response to my reconstruction which I'm very happy about, meaning they hopefully watched it.
 (here is my reconstruction below)

I've finally decided that I want to go away for my third year and leave Cornwall which for me is an exciting idea! As Chloe W has now decided to go away that is also exciting so I can visit her in her first year this coming September too. 

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