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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Long time no post! I've recently been finishing off my course in college and juggling two jobs, not too strenuous at the moment but I'll be working 6 days a week in the Summer and it's been taking a lot of getting used to! *Thinking of the money, thinking of the money*..

Although I've been really trying to save money recently (says the £6 in my bank), I thought I'd treat myself after receiving an email from Urban Decay about how a lot of their lipsticks were on sale for £9! I couldn't resist, especially as they have free delivery already, and you get a free sample. It was a no brainer. For me at least..

I debated on what lipstick to choose but I was instantly drawn to the "Sheer Revolution" collection, I'm not a big lipstick person as I struggle to keep one on without it annoying me and picking or wiping it off, it's a super annoying habit as I love lipstick, so I always go for coloured balms/stains and so on. The Sheer Revolution lipsticks seemed like this kind of alternative, choosing a colour I skimmed through a few YouTube videos of people making swatches of them and decided on "Sheer Rapture". It's a gorgeous mauve-pink colour that can be built up or just have as a flush of colour.

The shipping was super quick with DPD and I had text updates from them before and on the day of when it would arrive which was super handy, so I was reeaaally excited to open the package when it came through.

I just wanna take a minute to APPRECIATE how insanely pretty the packaging is, seriously can I use this for a clutch? Is that okay? Look at the shiny purple and scallop texture, ugh. Anyway, despite that, opening up the shiny envelope, you have the standard receipt, some advertisement things and then the lipstick and the sample. I wasn't expecting the sample to be this size (I've only ever brought the naked palettes from places like Debenhams, BeautyBay) where the sample is usually a tiny plastic pouch with the primer in! So I'm super excited to use more of this, it's in time for my 12 hour shift tomorrow. (pray for me))

The lipstick comes in the most amazing packaging also, like a shiny purple tube which is quite weighty and feels luxury. Am I not just so great at describing products?

The colour is exactly how I imagined, if not a little darker which is perfect for wearing as one layer or many more to build the colour up from sheer.
(Ft. my brothers hand in the last image).

I've only tried this quickly so far but I love the smooth consistency and texture and it seems to be lasting really well! It feels comfortable and like a balm and the colour shows really well. I'd looove to try out some more of these soon and so as a first impression I think it's great and I'd definitely pay the full price to get another! Hope you enjoyed this lil post! Thanks for reading! xoxo

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