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Monday, 6 June 2016

Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will

Negative thinking for me has always been my port of call, anything that happens in my life is always haunted by the negatives, those 'what if' scenarios - I always think of the bad parts never those that are good for my friends they have to deal with my negativity on a daily basis as I'm always thinking about what could of happened and what happened. In these cases what happened is usually good but I always try to replace this with negativity. 

Thinking back to about 8 months ago when I was coming up to my driving test, I always thought of: what if I hit the kerb, what if I drive to fast, what if I hesitate to much or what if I can't remember which way to go. These thoughts drowned me, I cried on nearly every single lesson because I 'couldn't' do what was being asked of me, I started finding bay parking hard and I thought that was the easiest manoeuvre, but I started to find everything to difficult. I had to start listening to hypnosis tracks on Spotify to put into my head that I will pass, after about a month of non-stop listening to hypnosis my driving test came up and I absolutely aced it (with 7 minors, lol) I should've been very optimistic and positive for my driving test however this situation got the better of me, but I managed to pass with flying colours. 

I tend to think that if I've experienced a problem in one place, then I'll experience that problem wherever I go - which should never be the case, I should always be optimistic. Throughout college I always thought the worst and lecturers all noticed and they'd always try to tell me that my work was going. My tutor would always say: 'Chloe are we being positive today?' because I was always being negative about my work I'd always spend so much time perfecting each part to ensure that it was what the lecturers wanted, I'm now pretty similar at university I still continue to think negatively. (but I handed everything in early, yay.) 

I think the key to overcoming negativity is to always have that one person that reminds you that you need to be positive for the day without thinking negative thoughts - I mean this is much harder than it seems but I can say that I've had some very positive days recently. 

Here are some goals I am going to set myself for becoming positive:

Smile more - smiling more can actually create positivity not just for you but for others aswell (sometimes you have to force yourself to smile even if you're not happy at all.)

Be with people you enjoy - spend time with people who actually mean something to you, don't surround yourself with toxic people because that will just make you worse for wear. 

Find a positive quote each day - this way you will always have a quote of the day that you can remember and negativity won't come to mind. 

Stop comparing yourself to others - competition is one of the worst forms of negativity, don't compare or compete with others. 

Start to eliminate drama from your life - don't let yourself get involved in other peoples drama when you don't need to, look after yourself and you will become more positive 

Thinking the glass if half full (not half empty) - whatever happens in life, treat it as being for better and not for worse. Do this by flipping your thought processes from negative to positive. 

Stop overthinking - do something to improve yourself for the better, don't spend energy worrying about what is to come. Think positively, live in the moment, but try not to over think too much. 

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