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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Hi all! So if you've read Chloe M's last post you'll know that we kinda disowned our blog a bit, and when I say disowned, I haven't posted since June last year... which now I'm typing that I feel gutted I haven't kept up with it! I guess everything got a bit hectic, I spent the whole summer working 6 days a week, and then it was the sudden preparation in sorting myself out for University, then that whole transition of moving in and settling in, and then the studies to follow! And the partying...

I've come into 2017 with a bit of a fresh clean slate, which I'm super excited for. I feel more inspired with the blog and I've got a lot of ideas for posts to come, including lots of makeup reviews, university Q&A's and a room tour. I've also started to think about making a Youtube channel as it's something I've always wanted to do but haven't really had the guts to, (any youtubers reading this spam me with advice in the comments please..). I'm starting a healthy diet tomorrow and gym 5 times a week, which I started to do before I came home for Christmas, and although the whole 'healthy diet' and 'gym' thing is a pretty common thing to say you're going to do for the new year, I really think this is something I'm going to keep up. I'm going to keep this blog posted with my progress, and possibly reopen up my old personal blog from the dreaded 2012 time and give that a bit of a revamp for some posts on recipes/exercises that I do just a bit more in depth than on this blog!

It seems so strange scrolling through our dashboard and seeing the many posts I have done, 12th January 2016, I created a post on 'Why I'm Not Going To University..' I have to quote this, something I started the post with..  "It was something that I felt that was an unnecessary elongation of education, why would I want to add another 3 years of extra education on top of a load of years I've already done? Boring!" and I look back on it and now here I am, doing that extra 3 years of Photography, and I'm super happy. There are definitely times where I wonder what I'm doing, I still crave to travel and earn my own money somehow instead of being in uni, but this first semester has already opened my mind to many more opportunities, and I'm still young so these 3 years are going to be the 'first few steps on the path to my future', cliche and yawn worthy but super true. Also do you know how many good money saving deals you get as a student?;)

So I guess this is my first post of 2017, nothing too exciting, but hopefully you'll keep up to date with us! ALSO, we're desperate for some new names for our blog, the whole 'we've both got the same name thing' makes it awfully hard for a creative blog name, to the point where I could actually get a name change.

Chloe W


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