I miss the blog... like I miss Casey's vlog

Monday, 2 January 2017

I miss the blog, it's been a while; we've kind of disowned the blog...
we've been busy, me with work and my second year of uni and Chloe W started her first year last September...

2016 as a whole has been interesting year I call it my year of finding myself; sounds so cliche but I have found out so so much about myself in the last couple of months of that year.. I really have. It's been an adventure to say the least I've visited Beth one heck of a lot, I've been to see Jazz in Birmingham twice it's just been really fun and I've accepted my offer for Plymouth University studying TV Arts for my third year and I am so excited!!

I mean for my future career I really want to be working within the TV industry as I find it ever so fascinating, I mean as much as I would love love love to move to London I am so not ready for that just yet, I'm such a sucker for saying I want to move further away but it makes me feel so anxious like what if I got lost? I just over think everything and my OCD makes me want to make sure everything goes to plan if I went there but I know I will panic.. so I'm making it my goal this year to visit Serica and try and find my way there myself (with some help, please!) but for now I think Plymouth is a good stepping stone for me getting out of Cornwall even if it is just over the Tamar Bridge... who knows I may not want to go back.

I've also given myself one new years resolution which I hope to stick to; take a camera out everyday with me just to capture anything I can or film anything. Before I studied A Level Photography I used to love to just go out and capture my daily life but as soon as I studied Photography it made me hate going out with a camera, so I'm making it my goal to go out more with a camera; I may even start a scrapbook but I'm pretty lazy so who knows?

Anyway; I'm going to stop rambling!
What are your New Years Resolutions?

p.s; here's some photos I shot today!

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